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The Darrell Gwynn Foundation's Wheelchair Donation Program donates custom power and manual wheelchairs to children and adults facing medical and financial hardships. Unlike many other wheelchair donation programs and related charities, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation specializes in high-tech, customized wheelchairs. While standard manual wheelchairs are valued at approximately $350, the wheelchairs provided by the foundation are valued anywhere from $6,000 to $40,000 depending on the medical needs of the recipient. Individuals who are chosen as wheelchair recipients, typically children and adults living with paralysis whose families are unable to cover these costs and have been denied by insurance programs, often live in constant pain or risk further injury due to old and ill-fitting wheelchairs. After receiving their new wheelchairs, recipients frequently experience increased safety, comfort, productivity and independence, leading to a dramatic improvement in their quality of life.


While the price tag on these wheelchairs may be high, the value they provide to our recipients is priceless. What makes our program so unique is the customization process provided to our wheelchair recipients. The wheelchairs we provide to our recipients are custom-designed for each individual, both physically and aesthetically. We work closely with wheelchair recipients to connect their specific health-related needs to customized features of the chair such as posture support systems, tilt features, or control options. In addition, each wheelchair donated by the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is fully themed to align with the recipient's interests and hobbies. Each of these important features allows individuals living with paralysis to overcome the limitations they encounter on a regular basis.

For those who have exhausted all of their options in their quest to obtain a new wheelchair, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is often their only source of hope. However, the foundation's resources are limited. This means that there are many deserving children and adults nationwide that the foundation is simply unable to assist. With your help, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation will be able to give the gifts of mobility and independence to more individuals.

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