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Help Us Help Them. When you Give the Gift of Mobility you directly support our Wheelchair Donation Program. At any given moment, there are dozens of individuals facing medical and financial hardships who have applied for a new power wheelchair and are hoping the Darrell Gwynn Foundation will help change their lives.

Each day without a proper wheelchair the challenges of life with paralysis increase as they suffer more health complications, they lack independence and they lack the ability pursue educations, careers, hobbies and a more fulfilling life.

Help Us Help Them. Donate today and give someone the gift of mobility, freedom and independence.

  • The Gift of Mobility
  • Customized Power Wheelchair
  • Tilt and Recline System
  • Seat Elevator
  • Joystick Knob
  • Headrest
  • Seat Cushion
  • Wheels

Gift of Mobility

Customized Power Wheelchair - $25,000

  • These wheelchairs are giving someone their legs in a body that doesn’t work
  • They don’t have to depend on someone to turn them just to look out of a window
  • It enables a person to go from place to place on their own – church, school, a job
  • It is customized specifically to them and their medical needs
  • Some things our recipients can do because of this chair: go to school on their own and ride the bus to school, seeing their families more often, or take their dog for a walk
  • Very different from a Scooter Chair for $900, Scooters have no customization, one speed, and if one thing breaks on the motor of those chairs, you have to throw the whole thing away
  • Customized wheelchairs enable a person to control how fast they start or stop or how tight they need to turn in a small space
  • Complex machinery with multiple motors, powertrains, suspension systems,
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Tilt and Recline System - $10,000

  • Only thing that can elevate their legs above their heart for circulation and reduction of edema to their legs
  • Makes hygiene issues such as catheters and other bladder issues easier
  • Reduces pressure sores – one of the leading causes of death for people in wheelchairs
  • Only way to reduce uncomfortable pressure on the spine
  • Allows a person to look up without neck strain
  • Gives them the option to take a nap during the day, which would otherwise be impossible
  • Imagine taking a long trip on a bus where you can’t recline back or tilt back and imagine staying in that spot for 8 hours
  • For some quadriplegics it may be the only way they could ever look at the sky
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Seat Elevator - $5,000

  • This machinery changes the entire way a person in a wheelchair sees the world
  • It's like being 8” taller – the seat raises up to 8"
  • For the first time, they can look someone in the eye and be face to face rather than looking up at them whenever they speak to anyone
  • At busy restaurants, sometimes only the bar is available - this allows them to eat or sit at a table with many different height instead of sitting with a table at their nose
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Joystick Knob - $50

  • The actual joystick system can go for $300 up to $1,000, this is just the knob
  • Not everyone who is in a wheelchair has the same dexterity
  • Darrell has a goal post joystick knob because he is not able to grab a small joystick knob
  • Their joystick is everything to them, how fast they go, how fast they stop, how they steer, it’s the same as our entire sense of balance


Without the correct knob, imagine trying to button a button without using your thumb

DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Headrest - $200

  • Primary reason is for safety – similar to a headrest in a car
  • Being in a wheelchair means that you are constantly moving and the headrest protects the spine from further damage in case of an accident
  • Comfort is another major reason – imagine having to sit on an 8-hour airplane flight without being able to rest your head
  • A headrest and a tilt system allows a person to take a nap without finding someone who can physically take them out of their chair to lay them down
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Seat Cushion - $500

  • This $500 cushion will save $80,000 in surgery costs
  • Number one leading cause of death for those in wheelchairs is pressure sores and pressure ulcers
  • The leading thing that prevents pressure sores - a high-tech seat cushion
  • Made of air or gel, these cushions are designed around the bony bones of a person’s pelvis to help them sit straight
  • If person has uneven pelvic bones, they are constantly leaning to sit up straight, like a plant leaning towards the sun - they will develop scoliosis 
  • The cushion positions their spines straight
  • Most insurance companies will not cover the costs of a $500 seat cushion to prevent pressure sores, but they will cover the $80,000 surgery to address them
  • Pressure sores never fully heal, once they develop, they are always there
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility

Wheels - $1,000

  • Some wheels enable kids to play in the park again on the grass or go over curbs
  • A normal wheelchair like this weighs about 300 pounds, if you get a flat from a cheap tire, you are stranded – you are not going anywhere
  • Cheap or old wheels on a wheelchair are dangerous, the wheelchair can slide or not stop in time
  • Wheels also help the battery life of the wheelchair, just like cars
DGF -Wheelchair - Gift of mobility
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