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  11-06-08: HR&R AT HMS

  10-15-08: "SUPERBIRD" @ ATLANTA

  10-02-08: #20 UP FOR RE-AUCTION


  09-22-08: LINCOLN MKZ @ BJ


  04-01-08: RECORD FUNDS @ BJ WPB

  01-14-08: SECOND HR&R @ DAYTONA

  01-04-08: ELIMINATOR @ DIS & BJ

  01-03-08: T. STEWART CAR @  BJ

  11-30-07: HR&R A HUGE SUCCESS

  11-01-07: FSCIAW GEARS UP



  08-20-07: 2 YEAR OLD GETS CHAIR

  07-11-07: CRAIG DONATION

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Custom YearOne Restoration in Style of Richard Petty’s 1970’s Championship Cars Donated to Darrell Gwynn Foundation by Former Wrestler Bill Goldberg


YearOne has teamed up with Evernham Racing, Musclecar TV and automaniac Bill Goldberg to create an updated legend—a NASCAR Superbird. “Goldberg said he wanted it to be as close to a real NASCAR as possible; for the street,” said YearOne project designer Phil Brewer. “It’s pretty much going to be an old-school NASCAR, in particular, how we’re going to handle the body.”



To help with the direction of the build, cars from the Talladega Motor Speedway museum were photographed extensively. Period-correct NASCAR modifications will include raising the trans tunnel, moving the rear spring pockets further up into the floor, a stout X-brace to tie the subframes together, wheel tubs installed and a generous radius of the wheel openings. While the originals moved the torsion-bar cross member up into the floor, a more modern coil spring approach is going to be employed, which will simplify things and get the nose down. A full roll cage and early NASCAR-esque bare bones interior (with two seats) will pretty much sum-up the office space. “Goldberg mentioned that he might want to do some top-speed stuff with the car, so it’s going to be built as though it is a competition car,” Brewer said.




While the body is all retro, the power is all modern. Evernham Motorsports is contributing a NASCAR-spec 358ci Dodge, without the NASCAR-spec restrictions. Producing close to 750 horsepower, the engine has been de-tuned enough to run on pump gas, but is otherwise pretty much off-the-shelf NASCAR. Backing it is a feather-weight Tex Racing 4-speed manual trans feeding an 8 ¾-inch rear. At this point, the biggest problem with the design of the car is a wheel and tire package, as finding the right tires is proving difficult. “You can’t really run NASCAR slicks on the street,” Brewer said. “And modern tires just don’t look right. “


The car started with a complete Satellite that was an older restoration. Though the car was complete and “finished,” it was obvious the paint hid a few rough spots in the body. Once the car was taken to the blaster, the need for metalwork in the quarters, tail panel and floors emerged. Fortunately, with a project this involved, it’s just as easy to start from Square One.

Once the car is finished, the plan is to show it for a few times and then run through the Barrett-Jackson Auction, with proceeds going to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to benefit research of spinal cord injuries. Former NHRA driver Gwynn launched the foundation after suffering a sever spinal cord injury following a horrific 1990 accident. Making the most of his contacts in motorsports, The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is dedicated to spinal cord injury prevention, with special emphasis on programs targeting children, and is the official charity of Barrett Jackson and the NHRA.