Wheelchair Recipient Reads Letter, Not a Dry Eye in the Room

July 21st, 2014

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At the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s recent gala event, “Evening with Emerson,” wheelchair recipient Isabella Valle shared a heartfelt letter with guests, detailing the major changes in her life that would result from the donation of her new $40,000 custom standing power wheelchair. After Isabella finished her letter, it was clear that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

“With my old wheelchair, there was a lot of things that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t. With this stand up wheelchair it will make it easier for me to reach things I need. I want to help my mom and dad cook. I will be more independent around the house and I want to help my dad outside too. I needed stand-up wheelchair to be able to get stuff from the cabinets in my bathroom and in kitchen and also reach stuff on my closet shelf.
I’m in Special Olympic basketball and golf, now I will be able to stand up to make shots into the basket for my team and make a long drive shot in golf. Standing up will help me shoot better, because the belt will help hold me and I don’t lose my balance.
This summer I have been accepted as a volunteer at the library. This stand up wheelchair will elevate me to the standing position so I can put books on a high shelf.
At school, seniors get the top locker, I want to have a top locker when I’m a senior. With the stand up wheelchair I will be able to reach my locker.
Thank you very much Darrell Gwynn Foundation.”

“Evening with Emerson” was made possible by the support of sponsors, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Palm Beach International Raceway, duPont Registry, Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale, Bar Logistics, Eye on South Florida, Blacktie South Florida, Gold Coast Beverage, DMR Corp., and Florida Youth Orchestra.

Please consider donating to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and giving the Gift of Mobility to individuals like Isabella who deserve the freedom and independence that a custom manual or power wheelchair donation can provide.

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