Wheelchair Donation Reflections: An Update from Brian Robinson, Wheelchair Recipient from the 2010 Gatornationals

March 9th, 2011


By Ryan Rogers

As we head to the Gatornationals this weekend in Gainesville, Fla. for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s “Track Walk for Those Who Can’t” fundraiser and highly anticipated debut of “Garlits vs. Gwynn: Match Races for a Cause”, once again the Darrell Gwynn Foundation will be making a wheelchair donation to an individual in need at the event. This time, 9 year-old Genesis Cagle will be the deserving recipient of a life-changing wheelchair through the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program.

Looking back, it’s been one year since the Darrell Gwynn Foundation touched the life of Brian Robinson by donating a $25,000 custom-built power wheelchair at the Gatornationals in 2010. We always love hearing from our recipients and their success stories. Brian reached out to us this week on the 1st Anniversary of his donation and we wanted to share his story. Below is a letter he wrote to our Program Services Coordinator, Erica Woods, who originally identified Brian as a recipient for our Wheelchair Donation Program.

Dear Erica,

 I just want to reach out and say hello, since we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of my wheelchair presentation at last year’s Gatornationals.  Boy, it has been an eventful and transformation year.  The wheelchair that I received has been instrumental in allowing me to live a better quality lifestyle.  It is allowed me to continue my weight loss, reduce my back pain tremendously, and finally be able to sit comfortably.  I feel like I have found myself again and want to express my sincerely thanks to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation for helping me get there. Furthermore, my whole outlook to life has changed… I feel that I have hope in my life again for the first time in many years.  Having continued my weight loss, I have lost over 125lbs now through my nutrition efforts and am now in the therapy pool twice a week, and another day in the gym.  I am seeing positive results, but the biggest blessing is seeing how my transformation is helping to inspire others around me.  I have recently started a blog. I hope to write a book about my journey and think this is a great way to start.
If you feel it’s appropriate, I would love to share my DGF story on my blog, with a link back to the foundation’s website. 

Brian Robinson one year ago at the Gatornationals in his new wheelchair provided by DGF

I hope to see you all soon!
Make it a great day,
Brian Robinson


  • Kathy Collins

    Congrats to you Brian on your chair and more so your weight loss….Keep up the great spirits…Kathy Collins

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