Tom & Cindy Wright Presented Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s “Above & Beyond” Award

April 13th, 2011

DAVIE, Fla. – The Darrell Gwynn Foundation presented longtime foundation supporters Tom & Cindy Wright the “Gary & Nick Above & Beyond Award” at its Wheels of Dreams Gala hosted by John & Jeanette Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Museum on April 5, 2011. The award is named for the late Gary Clark and Nick Floch, two former Darrell Gwynn Racing team members that went above and beyond for Darrell Gwynn Racing for many years and left this world too soon.

The award is given annually to individuals in Darrell Gwynn’s life whose efforts assist his ventures and charitable mission in an immense way. Tom & Cindy Wright have been pillars of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation through their efforts to donate cars to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Car Donation Program, transport equipment, cars and supplies for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and make contacts to help the foundation network and grow its donor base. The couple also attends almost every Darrell Gwynn Foundation event nationwide and their monetary contributions to the foundation have helped many individuals receive a brand new wheelchair through the foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program.

“I really can’t even begin to describe just how special they are to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation,” says founder and president Darrell Gwynn. “They are always there when we need something. They are always there at our events. They are always willing to step in and handle things to help us get to the next level. I can’t thank them enough for their continued support of our efforts.”

Recently Tom & Cindy Wright donated a Ford Shelby GT500 to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation for auction at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach. At the auction, the couple purchased the car themselves for a $50,000 donation back to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation.  The couple has donated it back to the foundation for auction at a future Barrett-Jackson event.

“We’re very thankful that we met Darrell & Lisa,” said Tom Wright. It was at a time in our lives when we were looking for a foundation we could support and it wasn’t hard for us to decide which foundation we should support. There’s so much need in our world and the work that the Darrell Gwynn Foundation does to me is paramount over what other foundation’s do. Really, Darrell inspires me every day.”

Tom & Cindy Wright became the 17th recipients of the “Gary & Nick Above & Beyond Award” presented by Darrell Gwynn. Previous recipients include Wayne Ulmer (1994), Bob Bridges (1995), Jerry Gwynn (1996), Tony Mills (1997), Harvey Collins (1998), A.C. Bill (1999), Lisa Gwynn (2000), Mike Gerry & Jeff Whittle (2001), Joan Gwynn (2002), Todd Payne (2003), Bob Abdellah (2004), Dick Garabedian (2005), Adrianne Hurst (2006), Jim Henegar (2007), Mark & Karen Miner (2008), Glen Annarumma (2009) and Tom & Cindy Wright in 2010.

About the Darrell Gwynn Foundation

Founded in 2002 by Champion Drag Racer Darrell Gwynn and his wife Lisa, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for paralysis. In an effort to create more awareness about spinal cord injuries, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation successfully lobbied for an established Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week with a resolution passed by the Florida Legislature in 2006. The foundation operates an Education & Prevention Program directed to high school students to educate them on the dangers of risky behavior that can lead to spinal cord injuries. This rapidly growing program reaches over 10,000 students annually at over 50 high schools. The foundation’s primary support program is its national Wheelchair Donation Program. With this program the Darrell Gwynn Foundation has donated custom built wheelchairs to hundreds of individuals in need. The foundation also maintains a model Paralyzed Assistance Fund offering support services and tools at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado with aspirations to expand this model to several hospitals nationwide. The Paralyzed Assistance Fund also supports the Betty Jane France Pediatric Center, at Halifax Hospital in Daytona, Fla. and Homestead Hospital in Homestead, Fla. Additionally the foundation provides financial support through its Fast Track Laboratory with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis aimed at finding a cure for paralysis. With tremendous fundraising partners such as Barrett-Jackson, the NHRA, NASCAR and many more generous sponsors, individual supporters and donors, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation continues to evolve as a leading foundation for those with spinal cord injuries. For more information please visit or


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