The Darrell Gwynn Foundation Has Many Victories to Celebrate from 2010: Part III

January 12th, 2011

By Ryan Rogers

In our final edition of celebrating the victories from 2010 for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, here’s an update on two more of our support programs and a special thank you to all of our donors and supporters from last year.

Paralyzed Assistance Fund
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Paralyzed Assistance Fund at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colo. continued to offer support to those in need living with spinal cord injuries. The Paralyzed Assistance Fund offers people minor home modifications to allow more mobility and access to those in wheelchairs, proper bath/shower equipment to those in wheelchairs and help obtaining hand controls or other equipment that allow those diagnosed with spinal cord injuries to drive or increase mobility in other ways. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation will continue to offer this program in 2011 thanks to the support of its donors with ambitions of taking this model and expanding it to several hospitals across the country. In addition, the Paralyzed Assistance Fund supports Speediatrics, which represents two very unique pediatric units in the state of Florida – The Betty Jane France Pediatric Center, at Halifax Hospital in Daytona, FL and Homestead Hospital in Homestead, FL. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is proud to support their continued work with children across the state of Florida.

Fast Track Laboratory
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation created the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Fast Track Laboratory aligned with The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis to fund research targeted towards Neuroprotection with the hope that as these neuroprotective treatment modalities are perfected and they can ultimately become the “standard of care” and be administered promptly following a suspected spinal cord injury. This treatment could minimize damage that may have occurred, resulting in preservation of function. Even more exciting is the possibility that these agents could potentially prevent paralysis from occurring all together. With your support, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation hopes to make financial contributions to the Fast Track Laboratory at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis to ultimately help find a cure. After all, finding a cure for paralysis is our ultimate goal.

“Thank You Fans, You’re the Greatest!”
These days Darrell Gwynn and his new team are focused on providing AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for paralysis. Just like the fans at the racetrack that inspired Darrell during his brilliant racing career, these days the many individuals the foundation supports and the many donors that support the foundation are what inspires Darrell. Quite simply, without our donors and supporters, the foundation could not fulfill its mission and continue to grow and support more and more people living with spinal cord injuries and prevent many from suffering a spinal cord injury. Here’s a special thanks to those who made generous donations to the foundation in 2010 and we’d like to thank so many more who volunteered their time, services and resources to help make the Darrell Gwynn Foundation successful in 2010.

• Eugene Reidy
• Daniel Desantis
• Elizabeth Cable
• Gary Gray
• Le Vian
• Terry Deamer
• George Cable
• Bret Davis
• Jason Woz
• Larry Stinnett
• Hallandale Lodge 668
• M. Schamroth & Sons
• Kenneth Watford
• Jeanette Staluppi
• Craig Sturken
• Betty Alley
• Alison Mumaw
• Randy Billingsly
• Unique Auto Body
• Suna Bros
• Todd S. Payne
• Robert Green
• Wal-Mart Foundation
• Robert Dignelli
• Richard & Stella Paysor
• Dave Parker
• Retired Police Officers Council Love Fund
• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
• Custom Aircraft Parts
• Sharrah Design
• Gary Brown
• Carlos Rodriquez
• Hilger Performance LLC
• K. Vinje Dahl, Jr.
• Michael Werdiger
• The Aaron Group
• Paul Feinstein
• Bruce VanDyke
• THomas Bell
• Ronald Ragan
• First United Bank
• Todd Harris
• Robert Macmillan
• Ken Mears
• Hollywood Wheels
• John R. Kenney
• Larry Clark
• Michael Widhalm
• Edward & Joan Gwynn
• THomas Jones
• J Scott Mattei
• Terry Michaelis
• Chris Hines
• Rudy Schupp
• Scott Haasl
• Barry & Karen Meguiar
• Advocate Home Care Services, Inc.
• Chris Nelson
• Munroe Best Foundation Inc.
• Mike J. Berek
• Kenneth Koretsky
• John Van Arnam
• Ira Bergman
• David Stanton

• Avi Arazi
• Wilkerson Associates
• Honora
• Mercury
• Jack Miller’s Ale House
• Glen Annarumma
• Giovane
• Bay Country Fleet Services
• Norman Silverman
• Superior Materials
• Northern Gem Company
• Angel Pardo
• John Costelac
• G. Stone Motors
• Miccosukee Tribe of Indians
• KPK Development Co. LP

• Carl Edwards
• Chip Ganassi Racing
• NASCAR Foundation
• Sprint
• Tom & Cindy Wright
• Tom Murray
• B&M Distributors
• Hallfax
• The Gordon Company
• Robert Greenlee
• Boston Foundation

• Rodger Comstock
• Bass Pro Shops
• Coulter Motorsports
• Joe Riley
• Jeff Gordon
• Brickman Ins & Financial Svcs, Inc.

• For Life Products
• Jeg Coughlin
• Spectracide

• Riley Family Trust
• Hendrick Motorsports
• Martech Services

• Thomas Day
• Vicent Amato
• Power House Collectibles, LLC
• William Gannon

• Collectible Motor Cars, LLC

Community Partners
• Barrett-Jackson
• Bass on line
• Outdoor Channel
• John & Jeanette Staluppi

It was a great year and we’re looking forward to an even better 2011. But remember, We Still Need You to help us Make a Difference! Please visit our Donation Page to make a donation and help us accomplish our mission to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for Paralysis.