Cameren Nelson

Age: 20

Residence: Hankinson, ND

Success Story



Cameren was paralyzed in a diving accident after he dove off a dock in a local lake and hit a sandbar, breaking his C5 and C6 vertebrae. Through rehabilitation at Craig Hospital, Cameren was able to regain some of his movement and learn to use a power wheelchair for mobility. His new custom power wheelchair will allow Cameren to return home to live at his parent’s house in Hankinson. He plans to spend the next year focusing on outpatient therapy and hopes to eventually return to college at North Dakota State College of Science to study machining or physical therapy. He is very grateful for the gift of a new wheelchair because it will give him a chance to get out of the house.


The Donation by Darrell Gwynn Foundation:

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation donated a custom power wheelchair to Cameren at a graduation ceremony at Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado on November 20, 2014. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation donates a power wheelchair to one recipient chosen by Craig Hospital annually in addition to contributing financially through our Patient Assistance Fund.


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