About our Wheelchair Recipients

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation measures its success through the success of those we serve. Many of the individuals who have received wheelchairs through the foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program have been able to make dramatic changes in their lives including the ability to independently address their health care and personal care needs and to contribute to the betterment of their communities through their volunteer efforts. In addition, our wheelchair recipients have gone on to successfully pursue higher-level educational opportunities and actively serve as members of the workforce.

Success Story Archives:

Anthony Sanchez

Anthony was in need of a custom manual wheelchair to improve his independence and mobility. Anthony is diagnosed with Bilateral Apodia and his current manual wheelchair is very unsafe. Because of this, he has been unable to ride the bus to school and i …

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Success Story

Jesus Rios

Jesus was in need of a custom manual wheelchair to improve his independence and mobility. Jesus was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. While he is able to use a manual wheelchair to self-propel, he is only able to go short distances as his arms tire quickly. …

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Success Story

Chris Howell

Chris was in need of a custom power wheelchair to improve his independence and mobility. Chris sustained a spinal cord injury during an automobile accident in 2011. While he is able to utilize a manual wheelchair, he is unable to propel for long distan …

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Success Story

Felipe Guzman

Felipe was in need of a custom manual wheelchair to improve his independence and mobility. Felipe was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and attends a special preschool to improve his physical and intellectual abilities. He was using an adaptive stroller th …

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Success Story

Anthony Oliveira

Anthony was born in Brazil with Cerebral Palsy and Pierre Robin Syndrome and has a hard time qualifying for medical insurance due to his disability. His current power wheelchair which was donated to him is too small, is falling apart, and is very uncom …

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Success Story

Marie “Guychar” Nicaisse

Marie was born in Haiti with a spinal tumor (malignant teratoma) and was paralyzed during surgery to remove the tumor at age 4. She was using a manual wheelchair that was not customized for her and had a difficult time using her arms to self-propel for …

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Success Story

Cameren Nelson

Cameren was paralyzed in a diving accident after he dove off a dock in a local lake and hit a sandbar, breaking his C5 and C6 vertebrae. Through rehabilitation at Craig Hospital, Cameren was able to regain some of his movement and learn to use a power …

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