Darrell Gwynn Foundation Welcomes Inaugural Volunteer Pit Crew; Still Seeking More Volunteers!

July 13th, 2011

By Ryan Rogers

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is pleased to welcome its inaugural members of the brand new Volunteer Pit Crew. The Volunteer Pit Crew gives fans and supporters of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation an opportunity to volunteer and help the foundation in a variety of ways. Forty-one volunteers have signed up to be a part of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s mission to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for Paralysis.

If you would like to join the Volunteer Pit Crew and become a member of our team, geography, age, income, gender, work schedule and interest are irrelevant. As long as you’d like to be a part of something special and help support people living with spinal cord injuries and prevent others from sustaining spinal cord injuries, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation has a role for you. We have roles for volunteers with lots of time and roles for volunteers with limited time; roles for volunteers who live and South Florida, and roles for volunteers who live around the country.

There are nine different areas where we need your help so we can be more successful. Please click here to see how you can get involved: http://darrellgwynnfoundation.org/volunteer.htm

Don’t miss out on the fun! Join Darrell’s pit crew today!

Volunteer Pit Crew Members

Mark & Tammy Leslie                        Crew Chief

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reidy            Crew Chief

Todd Kersey                                          Crew Chief

AC Bill Hochadel                                   Jack Man

Beth and Kristina Lanzon                 Jack Man

Jamie Wynne                                        Jack Man

Marty Parrish                                        Jack Man

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith                 Jack Man

Rosie Chesser                                       Jack Man

Tommy Gilbert                                     Jack Man

Glen Annarumma and Family        Parts Runner

Joseph Merkle                                     Skilled Mechanic, Tire Changer, Jack Man

Alex Lutin                                               Team Spokesman

Amanda Perla                                       Team Spokesman

Andre Escobar                                      Team Spokesman

Chuck Risch                                           Team Spokesman

Colby Turley                                          Team Spokesman

Dana Guest                                           Team Spokesman

Donna Marini                                        Team Spokesman

J.P. Munoz                                             Team Spokesman

Labrawn Saffold                                  Team Spokesman

Luis Amaro                                             Team Spokesman

Orlando Ventura                                 Team Spokesman

Reinaldo Maiz                                       Team Spokesman

Richie Salidor                                        Team Spokesman

Ryan Gebauer                                      Team Spokesman

Sabrina Cohen                                      Team Spokesman

Theophilus Hamilton                         Team Spokesman

Jerry & Joan Gwynn                           Tire Changer

Ronald Kalkstein                                  Tire Changer

Brad Piper                                              Tire Changer, Jack Man

Kassidy Wynne                                    Tire Changer, Jack Man, Fueler

Kelsey Wynne                                      Tire Changer, Jack Man, Fueler

About the Darrell Gwynn Foundation

Founded in 2002 by Champion Drag Racer Darrell Gwynn and his wife, Lisa, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for paralysis. The foundation’s primary support program is its national Wheelchair Donation Program. With this program the Darrell Gwynn Foundation has donated custom built wheelchairs to hundreds of individuals in need. The foundation also maintains a Patient Assistance Fund offering support services and tools at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado with aspirations to expand this model to several hospitals nationwide. The Patient Assistance Fund also supports the Betty Jane France Pediatric Center, at Halifax Hospital in Daytona, Fla. and Homestead Hospital in Homestead, Fla. Additionally, the Patient Assistance Fund provides financial support through its Fast Track Laboratory with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis aimed at finding a cure for paralysis. The foundation operates an Education & Prevention Program directed to high school students to educate them on the dangers of risky behavior that can lead to spinal cord injuries. This rapidly growing program reaches over 10,000 students annually at over 50 high schools. In an effort to create more awareness about spinal cord injuries, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation successfully lobbied for an established Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week with a resolution passed by the Florida Legislature in 2006. With tremendous fundraising partners such as Barrett-Jackson, the NHRA, NASCAR, Rolltisserie and many more generous sponsors, individual supporters and donors, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation continues to evolve as a leading foundation for those with spinal cord injuries. For more information please visit www.darrellgwynnfoundation.org or www.facebook.com/darrellgwynnfoundation



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