Darrell Gwynn Foundation Set to Auction 2005 Shadrach “Platt & Payne Special Edition” Ford Mustang at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas, Lot #2001, September 20

September 10th, 2012

Custom Built Car by Mike Langston and Pure Power Motorsports Donated back to DGF by foundation supporters Mike Jenkins & Patrick & Nancy Hurst

Darrell Gwynn Foundation to donate $21,000 power wheelchair to 12 year-old from Henderson, Nevada

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Darrell Gwynn Foundation will auction a 2005 Shadrach “Platt & Payne Special Edition” Ford Mustang, Lot #2001 at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auto Auction on Thursday, September 20 at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. All proceeds from the sale of this car will benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s mission is to SUPPORT people with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries.

The custom built car was purchased for $105,000 by Patrick & Nancy Hurst at Barrett-Jackson Orange County in 2012 and immediately donated back to the foundation for auction again in Las Vegas. It was originally purchased in 2009 by Mike Jenkins for $190,000 at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach. Jenkins, a longtime foundation supporter, donated the car back to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation for auction at Barrett-Jackson Orange County 2012. The car was originally built for DGF by Mike Langston and Pure Power Motorsports.

“This is one of my favorite cars that we ever had the privilege to auction,” said Darrell Gwynn, president of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. “Mike Langston and his team really built and incredible custom car honoring two NHRA Legends. Car collectors really went crazy over this car. It’s very exciting that Patrick & Nancy would donate this car back to us so we can auction it again right after Mike Jenkins did. It’s amazing when you can get that kind of value out of one vehicle.”

While on stage, Barrett-Jackson bidders and viewers on SPEED will have the opportunity to witness the magic of a wheelchair donation as the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, on behalf of its donors, will give the gift of mobility and donate a custom power wheelchair to Dylan Gramando, a 12 year-old from Henderson, Nevada. Dylan is diagnosed with hereditary spastic paraplegia. The $21,000 power wheelchair will give him the gift of mobility, freedom and independence. The wheelchair donation will take place at 6 p.m. PST, just before the car is auctioned.

Supporters can help the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s mission by Giving the Gift of Mobility today at https://darrellgwynnfoundation.org/the-gift-of-mobility.php  

This limited production Shadrach “Platt and Payne Signature Edition” Supercharged Mustang was built to commemorate two drag racing legends, Hubert Platt and Randy Payne, both of whom are in the NHRA Hall of Fame. Platt, known early in his career for a series of “Georgia Shaker” race cars, was picked by Lee Iacocca at Ford Motor Company to head its 1968-70 Eastern drag team. During that time he drove a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang to an NHRA SS/IA record of 12.41 seconds at 112.92 miles an hour and won the ’69 Winter Championships and AHRA U.S. Open Top Stock Eliminator class.

Teammate Randy Payne piloted his Torino Cobra to victory so many times that no one ever challenged the validity of his nickname, “Mr. Big Stuff.” Payne won every event in his class while racing for Ford, including the first sanctioned drag race held in Canada. When he won all three nights in Super Stock at Daytona Beach, by elimination he wound up running the finals against himself, a feat that has never recurred. Platt and Payne were a charismatic duo who put on drag racing seminars for Ford dealers at tracks all across America. The two Georgians and their cars were known collectively as “The Going Thing.”

The “Ultimate Super Muscle Car”, this Shadrach Mustang combines unique styling, the best of available automotive technology, state-of-the-art components and the finest custom assembly expertise in the car marketplace, delivering unprecedented power and performance. Every aspect of a stock Mustang GT, from the engine, suspension and drivetrain was enhanced or upgraded with the best available components to include the exciting and unique Shadrach design theme, which includes custom widebody trim, 20″ Shadrach wheels by Weld and many other interior and exterior enhancements.


About the Darrell Gwynn Foundation

Founded in 2002 by Champion Racer Darrell Gwynn and his wife, Lisa, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide SUPPORT for people living with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries. The foundation’s primary support program is its national Wheelchair Donation Program. With this program the Darrell Gwynn Foundation has donated custom built wheelchairs to hundreds of individuals in need. The foundation also maintains a Patient Assistance Fund offering support services and tools at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado with aspirations to expand this model to several hospitals nationwide. The Patient Assistance Fund also supports the Betty Jane France Pediatric Center, at Halifax Hospital in Daytona, Fla. and Homestead Hospital in Homestead, Fla. Additionally, the Patient Assistance Fund provides financial support through its Fast Track Laboratory with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis aimed at finding a cure for paralysis. The foundation operates an Education & Prevention Program directed to high school students to educate them on the dangers of risky behavior that can lead to spinal cord injuries. This rapidly growing program reaches over 10,000 students annually at over 50 high schools. In an effort to create more awareness about spinal cord injuries, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation successfully lobbied for and established National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month with a resolution passed by the U.S. Senate in 2011 sponsored by both Florida Senators. With tremendous fundraising partners such as Barrett-Jackson, the NHRA, NASCAR, Rolltisserie by Southern Pride, Moduline Aluminum Cabinets and many more generous sponsors, individual supporters and donors, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation continues to evolve as a leading foundation for those with spinal cord injuries. For more information please visit www.darrellgwynnfoundation.org or www.facebook.com/darrellgwynnfoundation.


About The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Barrett-Jackson specializes in providing products and services to classic and collector car owners, astute collectors and automotive enthusiasts around the world. The company produces “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions™” in Scottsdale, Ariz., Palm Beach, Fla. Orange County, Calif., and Las Vegas. For more information about Barrett-Jackson, visit www.barrett-jackson.com or call (480) 421-6694.



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