Darrell Gwynn Foundation Launches New Donation Page

August 5th, 2010

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation strives to provide education about spinal cord injury prevention, offer support and wheelchair donations to those afflicted by spinal cord injuries and debilitating disease, and to raise funds to help find a cure.

Your generous tax-deductible donation will help support vital research towards a cure for paralysis. It will also provide services and programs for those in need.

DGF is pleased to announce the launch of our new Donation page. Click here to view.

The new Donation page is user friendly and makes it easy for anyone to contribute. You may give a donation in honor of someone special in your life, and DGF will send a card via mail or email to notify them of your donation. Or, you may wish to give a donation in loving memory of someone.

You can also choose which Darrell Gwynn Foundation program you would like to direct your money to. You may give money towards Education and Awareness programs, Research, the Wheelchair Donation Program, general funds or wherever it is needed the most.

The Education and Awareness programs consist of events like Florida Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week and a Speakers Bureau of individuals who give presentations at local schools.

Research will go towards The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, The Darrell Gwynn Fast Track Laboratory for Neuroprotection Studies and The Miami Project Fertility Program.

Finally, the Wheelchair Donation program exists to provide underprivileged individuals with wheelchairs that they would otherwise be unable to obtain.

Support the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and make a donation to fight spinal cord injuries and debilitating disease!

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